AMAZING Homes Around The World


Take a look inside some of the most exotic, luxurious and unique houses that money can buy.  Explore stunning photos of dream houses and read about their design features below. While the homes vary in style, all are outstanding examples of architectural prowess. These luxury homes are amazing. Be warned – this article is likely to inspire a serious case of house envy!


Living on The Edge – Casa Brutale

This gorgeous home has a stunning view of the ocean, but you might be feeling like it’s a little too close to the ocean.  This is living on the edge, literally. A similar home was already built in Australia.


House Sperone –  Croatia

Designed to create a house that represented a perfect fusion between old and new. House Sperone showcases it’s beautiful and ancient stone wall, but the home is not short of modern comforts. The ground floor is occupied by a spa, sauna and stunning infinity pool that appears to melt into the sea beyond it. The interior decor is kept simple and clean, with natural materials and neutral colors used throughout to reflect its coastal surroundings.


Tropical Paradise – Singapore

This tropical paradise is both beautiful and innovative, it’s hard to imagine living in a sweeter setup than this. The home was built to highlight it’s beautiful natural surroundings with main areas having floor -to- ceiling glass walls to take in the beautiful ocean view.

Designed by Guz Architects, this luxurious modern bungalow features a swimming pool that surrounds its whole foundation. The home also has a green roof with thin bendable photovoltaic panels that supplies energy to the whole house. The roof is curved to mimic the waves in the ocean. This home was truly inspired by the call of the sea.




Edgeland House – Austin, Texas

Architects at Bercy Chen Studio designed this home as a re‐interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American pit house. Traditionally pit houses were sunk into the earth to offer shelter, protection, and thermal regulation. Edgeland House looks to recreate this. The grass-covered roof keeps the home cool in summer and warm in winter as well as supporting local wildlife ecosystems.

Edgeland House  Edgeland House

The Worlds First Billion-Dollar Home – Mumbai, India

This home cost more than a hotel or high-rise of similar size because of its custom measurements and fittings. Atop six stories of parking lots, the living quarters begin at a lobby with nine elevators, as well as several storage rooms and lounges. Home features a multistory garage with space for 168 cars, a ballroom, three helipads, gardens, guest suites, a health level and a home theater that seats 50.  This lavish residence is truly high-rise living.

Fallingwater – Pennsylvania

American architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed and built this home in the late 1930’s in order to observe the cascades from the waterfalls in this small Pennsylvania town. There was not enough land to build a full home on this parcel, and so the architect designed a house built into the active waterfall on site. Located on Bear Run in Pennsylvania, this home is truly remarkable.  Time Magazine described the project as “the worlds most beautiful job” and is regarded as “A Place to Visit Before You Die” by the Smithsonian.  



Villa Kogelhof – The Netherlands

Architect Paul de Ruiter designed the house to be entirely self-sufficient. The glass walls help to insulate the building, while solar panels on the roof provide more energy than is needed. The villa also boasts its own in-house cooling system, as well as a clever ‘water roof’ which enables the basement level to be flooded with natural light. Approximately 70,000 trees were planted in the surrounding acres of previously underused land, ensuring Villa Hogelhof is kept in the midst of a thriving ecological by jeroen musch  villa kogelhof interior 2


ARCA – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

ARCA is hidden deep in the Brazilian forest. The structure is designed and built from a single shell of composite carbon steel, aluminium and zinc. This allows the home to be dismantled easily and rebuilt in different locations, with minimal impact to the surrounding forestry. ARCA has two bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and a generously proportioned living space. Each room has unobstructed views over the rainforest, thanks to the huge semi-circular windows that front the property.

ARCA's jungle interior - Brazil   ARCA's jungle interior - Brazil

Running Wall Residence – India

Talk about curb appeal! This property has a huge laterite stone wall that winds its way through both the gardens and the house. The walls serve a dual purpose. Not only is it a security feature, but the wall also serves as a flowing sculpture throughout the landscape. The architects designed the property’s interior to be practical without foregoing style. Most of the rooms have mix-matched ceiling levels to encourage natural ventilation, while on the floor the property boasts several indoor pools and water features to further promote a modern aesthetic.

Running Wall Residence interior 1  Running Wall Residence interior 3

Ascaya – Las Vegas

Of course the list would not be complete without including our very own Las Vegas architecture. Ascaya is a new luxury community that brings class and innovation to it’s brand new home sites. Six of the country’s leading architects were brought to inspire stunning design and one-of-a-kind homes to prospective buyers. Each home introduces a different interpretation of contemporary design.

“We brought the resort lifestyle experience to the residence, incorporating an open layout with substantial gathering places, fluid connectivity from indoor-outdoor spaces, and amenities that overlook the Las Vegas Strip.” – Matt Page, Associate Principal at SB Architects.





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